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Hi, my name is Helen Vuong. I have years of experience in tutoring and instructing Transitional Kindergarteners to Middle Age Adults with abilities across the learning spectrum. Recently, I have become more interested in history, science, and writing. To ensure my student’s engagement, I will make sure to throw out some interesting historical and scientific facts as well as educational games during break time. I’m currently offering tutoring services on math, science, water sports, and foreign language subjects. Please reach out if you’re interested.
In my journey as a tutor, I have developed a deep passion for subjects such as history, science, and writing. Understanding that engagement plays a vital role in effective learning, I strive to create an enjoyable and interactive tutoring experience. Alongside the core curriculum, I love incorporating fascinating historical and scientific facts, as well as educational games, during breaks to keep the learning process engaging and memorable for my students.


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At our individual tutoring service, We believe that personalized attention is the key to unlocking your full academic potential. We understand that each student has unique learning needs, and that’s why we offer tailored one-on-one sessions designed to meet your specific requirements. Our team of expert tutors is dedicated to helping you excel in your academic journey.

Group Tutoring

At our group tutoring sessions, You will have the opportunity to learn alongside peers who are striving for the same academic goals. Our experienced tutors facilitate a supportive and dynamic learning environment where you can actively participate, ask questions, and exchange ideas with fellow students. One of the key advantages of group tutoring is the exposure to different viewpoints.


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